Breaking the stigma around recruitment is something we are passionate about and we want to not only help people find their dream jobs, but we also want to give back to our community. Help those in need and give them a voice.

Our founders have a mixed background, one from the tools and one who took the uni route, but both ended up working in the market that they love.

They know how hard it can be to make that move or decide what to do coming out of school. So have you ever thought about construction?

Ergh Construction?

But why not construction?

We appreciate laying bricks and digging holes is not for everyone…..

  • Are you a methodical thinker with a good understanding of maths? – a career in Surveying could be for you.
  • Are you well organised and a natural leader? – ever thought about construction management?
  • Do you have good coordination and time management skills? – You could be a great Resident liaison officer
  • Think you have a good eye for detail and precision? – Carpentry and Joinery could suit you perfectly.
  • Enjoy problem-solving skills and working in a team? – A career in plumbing or electrics could be a wise choice.

With our wealth of knowledge and key contacts in the industry, we can help change your career path or assist in finding your first job.

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