We are a true believer in equality and making the industry as accessible to everyone as possible. Therefore, we are one the newest signatories of the Firm Foundations diversity pledge and want to use our recruitment expertise to help open doors for young Londoners interested in the built environment sector.

As part of the the campaign, colleagues from across the built environment came together to discuss the future of the sector and the role young people need to have in it.

Those in attendance discussed how the built environment can expand, improve, and maximise its opportunities for young people, so they can really begin and lead exciting careers in an ever-evolving industry. See below our very own MD Billy McNamara’s main take from one of the keynote speakers along with his viewpoint.

“The perception of the construction industry isn’t strong enough for most parents to encourage their children into it.” Unfortunately, a statement I must agree with, and although I would encourage anyone to get into the sector I suspect that most wouldn’t. It has been a great morning spent with the Mayor’s Fund for London discussing how to make the built environment inclusive for all and how to encourage the youth to enter it. We definitely need to challenge the approach we take to attract children into construction and get them to understand that it isn’t just digging holes. The opportunities it brings are endless!

We look forward to continuing this great relationship.

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