The aim is to try and bring more awareness of the sector and what it can offer to those currently in full time education. The UK currently has a huge skills shortage across the sector so we are hoping that this will help inspire children to join the sector and help close that gap in years to come.

On Wednesday, 12th January 2022, our Managing Director BillyMcNamara completed our first workshop with the Jo Richardson school in Barking & Dagenham. This was a personality profiling session that aimed to give students a better understanding of how personality profiling can help understand with job searches and why companies chose to use them. Also explaining that once completed, the profile will also help you get a better understanding of yourself and what motivates you.

We will be taking part in many more sessions and hope to keep working with Construction Youth to promote what the construction industry can offer.

These will include:

  • Interview tips
  • CV workshops
  • Careers networking
  •  Industry training
  • Job fairs
  • May more

Take a look at their website and keep an eye on ours for more update

Construction Youth Trust

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