This week saw Lola Hatt’s first placement start and we wanted to make sure everything was going well with him so paid him a visit on site.

About the Placement

Lola contacted Adam by chance having come across his CV – he wasn’t actively looking but was open to opportunities due to the work life balance he had.

He was working in a hectic job with his working day starting at 5am and then not finishing until 9pm, meaning he wasn’t spending enough time with his family. Lola took it upon herself to change this and so sent his CV to one of her clients who were looking for local candidates to work on contracts that were close to Adam’s home.

Adam has now assured Lola that this is the happiest he has been in a long time and couldn’t thank us enough for placing him into his “perfect role”.

He also really appreciated the bottle of wine that we gave him as a thank you for working with us.

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